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New Gameplay Clash Royale – KING’S CUP CHALLENGE!

New Gameplay Clash Royale – KING’S CUP CHALLENGE!


We are viewing some tips both for beginners and for those who already know the world of Clash Royale and looking for ways to achieve better results in this popular strategy game.

We invite you to read the helpful tips for players Clash Royale . Also you will be learn with our video on how to get magical chests on clash royale

Tips for beginners

From the beginning, keep the balance in the selection of units – in addition to strong unit, choose a weaker, which quickly regenerate. In the game there is no room for panic , even if the enemy won our tower or exerts on us a lot of emphasis. Hasty action may do more harm than good! The same principle applies even if the end of the game there is only one minutes in, – sending blindly all units and leave the most important of the tower without the defense simply does not make sense.

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folding deck

Deck , or a deck of cards, it is next to a good strategy, the key to success in Clash Royale and similar games.There is not a perfect deck, or the ideal strategy, but should strive to prepare the best solution.

Good deck consists of a carefully selected both expensive units, as well as those that cost less potions. It is complete units that are fast, well they cope with attacks from the air, as well as units that specialize in attacking and defense towers .

Cards are selected according to individual fighting style. People playing aggressively choose units that quickly move , while the players focused on defense, most Completing units resistant to high damage . But remember a balance. Experiment with different decks, along with achieving the next level in the game!

Tactics and strategy

The basic principle of a quick reaction to the play of the opponent. However, to make sound decisions, you need to prepare in advance a plan of action. Here are a few tips for the game:

  • A good start is making the first move, only when the bar is full potion .
  • The destruction of the enemy tower puts us in a good position and makes it easier to respond to enemy attacks, so better to take the tactics focusing on attack rather than on defense.
  • Instead fiercely defend the tower, which will collapse at any moment, it is better to send troops to conquer the enemy turrets.
  • Defense should be appropriate to the scale of attacks , eg. To defend against weak goblins do not need a strong unit.
  • It is better not to allow the tower embarrassing units such as knights. Instead of passively wait until they get to the tower and quickly destroy it, let’s put an obstacle in their path, eg. Dwarf hut.
  • Experiment with different combinations of units and do not forget the versatile prince who can rescue us from not one of oppression.
  • Improve cards . It should improve not only your favorite card , but also those which are currently not in use because they can be useful in the future.

What are your favorite units and strategies? We look forward to your feedback!