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Super Mario Run Gameplay – iOS devices

Super Mario Run Gameplay – iOS devices


If you are already bored of Pokémon GO not despair that next month comes a new Mario game that you can play with your iPhone and iPad. And to go appeasing the wait Nintendo you have prepared a video with gameplay of Super Mario Run cheats .

A few months ago Shigeru Miyamoto was present at the Apple event to present Super Mario Run, the first Mario game for smartphones . And to be entering climate, Nintendo has recently released a video with gameplay of Super Mario Run where the basics as well as the three main modalides are detailed. The game is an endless runner platform where the plumber automatically moves from left to right, limiting yourself to the touch screen mobile for the character to jump (the longer you hold down the screen, the longer the jumps). You can even jump between walls to reach high areas.

As in games of the series here you have to overcome several obstacles on stage, either jumping between platforms while avoiding falling into wells or jumping on enemies while you try to grab as many coins as possible or honguito, which increases the size of Mario. Super Mario Run hack has three modes: The first is World Tour where you have to go six worlds composed of twenty – four levels to rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser.

The second mode is Kingdom Builder, which lets you spend collected coins to buy buildings and other items that can get winning races to build your own kingdom. And the third type is Toad Rally races where you can challenge the versions “ghost” of other players who have passed levels to try to beat your score byperforming stunts with more style, collecting a larger amount of coins and get approval from more Toad.Super Mario Run is being developed by Nintendo and available on iOS systems from December 15, 2016, and Android at some point in 2017.

Watch the gameplay of this super awesome game below.